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Board & Staff

Our staff has a strong commitment to assist individuals with disabilities as well as their parents and caregivers. Being parents of individuals with special needs ourselves, we support families with our knowledge gained through hands-on experience.


  • President

    Donnell Kenworthy

  • Vice President

    Jenny Fitzgerald

  • Secretary

    Erriel Hawkins

  • Treasurer

    Catarina Juan Fishman

  • Member

    Maribel Hernandez

  • Advisory

    Catharine Mikitka


  • Linda Thrift

    Executive Director (parent, sibling)

  • Tanishia Hubbard

    Program Manager (parent)

  • Violeta Garcia-Sanchez

    Bilingual Community Navigator (parent)

  • Jennifer Morford

    Family Resource Specialist (parent)

  • Cristina Pena

    Bilingual Family Resource ​Specialist (parent)

  • Pat Schreiber

    Family Resource ​Specialist (parent)

  • Anna Schichtel

    Community Navigator (parent)

  • Maria Luz Gonzalez

    Bilingual Community Navigator (parent)

  • Christina Martin

    Communications & Events Coordinator (parent)

  • Diana Iuras

    Bilingual Family Resource Specialist (parent)

  • Brenda Lory

    Early Start Family Resource Specialist (parent)

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